Garlock Ultra Cutter: How to Set Up and Operate

13 hp ultra cutter front shot  28086 zoom SmallThe Garlock Ultra Cutter is a powerful commercial roof cutter designed to effectively slice through flat, level built-up roofs for reroofing applications. To maximize its performance and ensure operator safety, it is important that the machine be set up and used according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

The following offers an overview of the Ultra Cutter’s controls, along with pre-use checkup, prep and operating instructions. In addition to this post, we recommend that all operators thoroughly read through the operating manual before using, as it contains details on important safety precautions.

Garlock Ultra Cutter Controls Overview

Before operating, familiarize yourself with the Ultra Cutter’s controls, all of which are detailed below:

Ultra Cutter PartsUltra Cutter Parts 2

A. Handle: Where hands should be positioned when using the machine.
B. Depth Control: Raises and lowers the blade.
C. Throttle: Adjusts the engine’s speed.
D. Engine Shut Off Switch
E. Choke Lever: Used when starting a cold engine.
F. Starter Handle: Pull-rope to start the engine.
G. Gas Cap
H. Air Filter: Should be checked daily, especially in dusty environments.
I. Fuel Shut-Off Switch: Must be turned to the “On” position before starting.

Step 1: Pre-Use Checkup

Prior to turning on the Garlock Ultra Cutter, check that the engine’s oil levels meet the manufacturer’s specifications. Also check that there is enough gasoline (preferably unleaded) for the cutting job.

Next, ensure that the blade is tight and won’t wobble while spinning. The blade is held in place by a disc on either side, and a 1-in. nut. This nut should be tightened down with a wrench. Also, inspect the blade to make sure it’s not bent, broken or damaged, as this may cause vibrations that loosen the blade, which may possibly cause it to fly off.

Finally, turn the Depth Control (B) lever counter-clockwise to raise the blade off the roof’s surface. As soon as you start the engine the blade begins spinning, and if lowered, it will cut into the roof deck.

Step 2: Start the Engine

To start the engine:

1. Turn the Fuel Shut-Off Valve (I) to “On” position. The lever should be pointing straight down.
2. Slide the Choke Lever (E) into “Choke” position.
3. Move the Throttle (C) halfway between the slow and fast position.
4. Turn the Engine Shut Off Switch (D) to “On.”
5. Pull the Starter Handle until resistance is felt, and then briskly pull away from the cutter.

NOTE: Let the rope recoil itself slowly to avoid damage to the starter.

1. Do this until the engine starts, and then adjust the Choke Lever and Throttle until the engine is running smoothly. Give it a couple minutes to warm up.

Step 3: Operate the Cutter

To use the Garlock Ultra Cutter, follow the steps below:

1. Position the machine with the blade directly over the cut mark.
2. Turn the Depth Control lever clockwise to lower the blade to the roof surface for cutting. Lower the blade just enough to penetrate the top layers of the roofing felts and no more than half the thickness of the insulation.
3. Push the cutter forward only as fast as it will allow you to go while still making a good, solid cut.
4. To turn at the end of your cut, push down on the Depth Control lever to move the blade into idle position, and off the roof deck.
5. Push down on the machines handle so that the front wheel lifts off the ground, and then position the cutter at the next area of the roof.
6. When in position, slowly lower the front wheel and push up on the Depth Control to lower the blade out of cutting position.

Step 4: Shut off the Cutter

When you’ve finished cutting your roof deck:

    • Push down on the Depth Control lever to lock the blade in idle position.
    • Turn the Engine Shut-Off Switch to “Off.”
    • Move the throttle down to slow.
    • Slide the choke into off position.

After heavy use, give the machine time to cool down before transporting it off the roof otherwise it may cause accidental burns. 

If you have any questions, or need support for your Garlock Ultra Cutter, contact Hy-Tech Products at 800-635-0384 or email 

WARNING: Serious injury may result if this product is misused. The manufacturer’s operating manual provides instructions for use and care of the Garlock Ultra Cutter. It is important that all operators read this manual completely to ensure their safety and the ongoing performance of the cutter. 

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