3 Advantages of the Garlock Turbo-Rail Fall Protection System

Turbo RailJust as you would invest in a roof cutter to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of tear-off projects, an investment in the right fall protection system keeps contractors safe while improving efficiency, preserving roofing substrates and maintaining a professional, clean job site.

In this post, we’ll look at how the Garlock Turbo-Rail fall protection system benefits commercial roofing companies. 

Improve Worker Efficiency

Installation of the Turbo-Rail is quick and easy. The guardrail’s base clamps tighten around parapet walls and slab roof (between 4-24 in.) using only one bolt, eliminating the time-consuming task of mechanically securing each guardrail stanchion to the roof with multiple screws or bolts.

After it is installed, the Turbo-Rail satisfies OSHA’s fall protection regulations for flat roofs, meaning contractors do not need to be protected by fall-arrest systems. This gives contractors the freedom and flexibility to move around a job site unrestricted, improving their speed and efficiency on projects.

Turbo Rail ClampNon-Penetrating and Flexible Installation

By tightening its clamps around a parapet wall or slab roof, the Turbo-Rail installs without the need to drill into a new or existing roof substrate. This method protects the integrity of the underlying structure and helps to avoid the need for sealing any screw holes left after the guardrail is taken down.

In situations where clamping is not an option, like along flat edges, the clamps can still be bolted directly to the roof, giving you flexibility from job site to job site.

Clean, Professional Appearance

During many flat commercial roofing projects, the building is likely to remain open to employees and customers, meaning there will be traffic going in and out all day. As a result, most building owners appreciate efforts to maintain a professional appearance around the building’s exterior.

Turbo Rail Clean Look

By design, the Turbo-Rail’s steel rails and clamps help to create clean building sightlines. The safety yellow protective paint around the railings and zinc-plated clamps are built to stand up to the harshest weather (e.g. sun, rain, sleet, snow), keeping them rust-free and looking good longer.

In addition, construction fencing can be easily draped along the guardrail to better contain debris to the roof and keep it from falling on the surrounding grounds—or even someone below.

If you have any questions about the Garlock Turbo-Rail, please contact Hy-Tech Products at 800-635-0384 or info@hy-techroof.com.

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Garlock Fall-Prevention Equipment Brochure

Garlock safety equipment is built to provide rock-solid fall-protection for your crews. Learn about their perimeter guardrails, warning line systems, skylight and hatch kits, and fall-protection carts. Download Hy-Tech's Garlock Fall-Prevention Brochure to learn more.

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