Where Can I Buy A Flat Roof Drain?

Most commercial roof drain manufacturers sell their products through third parties, namely:

  • Sales reps.
  • Distributors (like Hy-TechRoof.com).

Sales Reps

buy-replacement-drainSales reps usually cover specific regional sales territories and can be found using the sales rep locator tools on the manufacturer's site.

They generally sell only one manufacturer’s products, and can be fairly knowledgeable about each, including parts, accessories and the best option for your roof.

On the other hand, if you have a question that veers away from their specific product lines, you may be getting a biased answer or recommendation. Also, because the rep owns a territory, you’re stuck dealing with them, even if the experience isn’t great.

Hy-Tech Products (Distributor)

The alternative to a sales rep is a distributor like Hy-Tech Roof Drains. With us, choose from more than 10 of the top manufacturers. This helps to ensure you get the right drain for your roof, and the unbiased expertise to ensure the drain’s accessories and options are the right match.

When it comes to buying the drain you need, we carry an onsite inventory of common drains and replacement parts so your order ships faster. Plus, order directly on our website in minutes, instead of waiting for the sales rep to order it.

What If I Don’t Know What Drain I Need?

If you’re in a situation where you don’t know the manufacturer of the drain you’re trying to replace or need help navigating your options, contact our roof drains expert at 800-635-0384.

In addition to a wider variety of drains, we have built a tool to help you identify worn down or corroded drains. The Drain Wizard will ask you a series of questions about your drain, including color and dimensions, and then will show you what product you need.

Are you currently looking for a replacement roof drain? Contact our Drain Wizard now.

Have a Drain Question?

Have a question or in need of a specific roofing product or drain part? We have the resources to help you.

Reach out to the Drain Wizard.

Ask the Drain Wizard

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