Where to Find Replacement Roof Drain Parts When Disaster Strikes

DSCN1690Whenever a natural disaster occurs, uncertainty tends to come with it. As businesses and building owners assess the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, we’re getting a lot of questions about how to identify replacement drains and parts, and where to purchase them.

To help reduce some of the uncertainty when it comes to your business and needed repairs, we’ve created this resource to help you easily find replacement roof drain parts and pieces.

Hy-Tech is also available to answer any questions about the type of drains needed for your building. Just call us at - (800) 635-0384.

Finding Replacement Roof Drain Parts

Finding replacement roof drains and parts quickly is easier said than done. There are literally hundreds of options and combinations to choose from. Making the job harder is when your roof drain parts become damaged or are flat out gone. In these situations, you may not be able to identify the brand or model.

We built two tools to help here: The Drain Ring Wizard and Dome Wizard, will ask you a series of questions about your drain, and then identify the exact replacement part or a suitable alternative. 

You can also call Hy-TechRoofDrains at (800) 635-0384 and speak directly to our Drain Wizard, or chat with him on our site.

How Roof Drains Are Sold

As you know, when disaster strikes, time is of the essence. Unfortunately, many roof drain manufacturers don’t sell their own products; they sell through a network of distributors, and the quality of that distributor can be hit or miss. 

Look for a distributor that offers the following:

  • Drains for Multiple Manufacturers: They can typically find what you need faster, and may have more drain options to choose from. They can also often direct you to the most cost effective replacement product.
  • Inventory: If a distributor has the drains and parts onsite they can typically ship them same day. Conversely, they’ll have to order it from the manufacturer, and then they’ll ship it to you delaying delivery.
  • In Person Customer Service: With drains, there’s hundreds of options, so it’ll save time and headache when you can pick up the phone and have someone guide you to the information and products you need.

If you have any questions, or need roof drains product support, we are here to help. Give us a call at (800) 635-0384. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Florida and Texas right now.

Have a Drain Question?

Have a question or in need of a specific roofing product or drain part? We have the resources to help you.

Reach out to the Drain Wizard.

Ask the Drain Wizard

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