How Do I Fix A Cracked Roof Drain?

If you’ve noticed water dripping or spots on the ceiling, you may have a cracked roof drain. Even small hairline cracks can lead to water issues.

The following steps will help you determine where the crack is and how to fix the drain.

Inspect the Roof Drain Parts

cracked-drain-blog-photoThe main parts you need to inspect are the:

  • Dome
  • Ring
  • Body / Bowl
  • Hub (or connector)

Start with the dome, and then work your way to the ring, bowl and then connector. As you remove each part, closely inspect it for cracks, rust or corrosion. Especially focus on these areas:

  • Around fasteners.
  • The fasteners themselves
  • All edges, especially on the interior.

Depending on the type of drain and its overall condition, you can purchase a replacement part, instead of a completely new drain. For information on replacing the full drain, click here.

Replacing the Roof Drain Parts

Most roof drain replacement parts can be ordered at While identifying the part you need may be straightforward, it’s not always as easy to identify the manufacturer or the model.

If you need help, contact our Drain Wizard, who can get you what you need.

Once you identify the part you need, use our shopping cart to order a replacement. Most orders ship same day.

In the mean time, depending on the severity of your crack, you can temporarily fix the leak by caulking the cracked area with a wet-stick roof caulk.

If leaking continues once the part is replaced (or no crack was found in the initial inspection), the issue could be with the internal plumbing. You’ll need to call a licensed plumber.

Are you currently looking for replacement parts for your commercial roof drain? Contact us today.

Have a Drain Question?

Have a question or in need of a specific roofing product or drain part? We have the resources to help you.

Reach out to the Drain Wizard.

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